LOCATION: 555 Capitol Mall, Suite 1230, Sacramento, CA 95814
PHONE: (916) 996-0400 | FAX: (916) 668-5760
LOCATION: 555 Capitol Mall, Suite 1230, Sacramento, CA 95814
PHONE: (916) 996-0400 | FAX: (916) 668-5760



As a result of our experience with clients across a range of industries, we understand there are unique and important considerations depending on the field one operates in. Our firm’s breadth of experience aids in our ability to effectively advocate for and support our clients.

Real Estate

From developers and investors, to real estate agents and professionals, and down to businesses and homeowners, real estate is a broad sector effecting everyone. The problems in real estate can range from putting together a deal or commercial lease, to navigating building issues and homeowner associations. Our firm is experienced in handling all manner of disputes and deals involving properties large and small.

Life Sciences, Health, and Biotech

Life sciences, healthcare, and biotechnology companies are especially valuable in this day. Both in supporting medical research, and in building products and services of their own, these companies face unique legal challenges, including additional compliance and regulatory matters. Our firm represents both startups and well-established companies, including medical practices, laboratories, manufacturers, and hospital and research support.

Construction and Development

Construction companies encounter legal issues regularly, whether it relates to timely completion of jobs, scopes of work, payment, or defects. Promises in the field don’t always make their way back to the drafting room. There is a seemingly endless supply of codes, HOA rules, and best practices. Our firm has represented general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, equipment owners, installers, project managers, engineers, and more. We assist with documenting their work as well as prosecuting and defending against claims.

Professional Services

Professionals distinguish themselves by using specialized knowledge, experience, and education to create value for businesses and individuals. That said, not all professionals carry themselves in accordance with the obligations imposed on them. Our firm is skilled at both prosecuting and defending claims involving lawyers—legal malpractice, malfeasance, fee disputes, and breaches of fiduciary duty—as well as other professional claims, including accountants, fiduciaries, engineers, consultants, and real estate agents and brokers. 


Insurance is about protecting against risk and future possibilities. Our firm has represented insurance brokers and sales agents in a variety of matters involving their own businesses and the policies they place for others.

Retail and E-Commerce

A business that sells physical or digital products encounters many aspects of the law. Physical retail environment can have unique challenges involving their stores, landlords, employees, and other merchants or vendors. Online e-commerce platforms encounter internet law and compliance issues, including counterfeit products and branding concerns. We assist clients in navigating these matters and handling litigation when disputes arise.

Agriculture and Farmers

Farms and ranches often involve both business and family concerns. While matters such as land leases and purchases, equipment, crops, and supplies are all prevalent, there can also be personal dynamics that must be addressed. Our firm has represented clients managing their operations and in transitioning to new owners.

Food and Beverage

Restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops provide important experiences in the products they serve and in the spaces they offer. With them, there are manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors that get our food from the soil to our tables. Our firm looks at the broad picture of how we can help businesses in their day-to-day needs and when lawsuits arise.

Startups and New Founders

While startup companies span numerous industries, they often involve different targets and strategic goals than other types of businesses. Startups may be funded through friends-and-family rounds, angel investors, or venture capital, and these businesses can see issues with formation, equity vesting, valuation, and more. Even then, founders that do not take outside capital still benefit from structuring their business to minimize the avenues for dispute, including as a result of partner or shareholder troubles down the line.